We create revolutionary devices for ligament reconstruction
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Standard options for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Option I: Hamstring Tendon Graft

The hamstring grafting approach is less painful, but with lower performance attributable to slower healing and higher risk of pull-out.

Option II: Bone-Tendon-Bone (BTB) Graft

A BTB graft offers higher performance with faster healing and improved strength, but at the cost of potentially severe pain at the graft extraction site.

Less pain Inferior healing
Risk of pain Faster healing

All existing clinical approaches represent a forced choice between postoperative pain at the graft source and mechanical stability of the reconstruction.

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Our Solution

Our BTB-Conversion-Kit™ is able to harness the advantages of existing approaches while avoiding their disadvantages. Over five years of translational research and development in collaboration with leading Swiss orthopaedic surgeons has culminated in what we expect will be a revolutionary device for ACL reconstruction. The BTB-Conversion-Kit™ relies on a novel combination of advanced biomaterials to dramatically accelerate graft healing, while minimizing postoperative pain and time for recovery.

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Faster healing, less pain

The BTB-Conversion-Kit™ contains two identical BTB-Converter™ elements, each featuring patented innovations that make the devices osteoconductive (promoting bone healing) and fully bioresorbable. The BTB-Converter™ effectively upgrades a less painful hamstring graft (or any other flexible graft material) into a higher performance BTB-like graft, with accelerated graft to bone attachment.

The device requires no special instrumentation or additional surgical training, facilitating its adoption in the operating room. The potential benefits for the patient are immediately recognizable to the surgeon and patient.

Device Benefits: Fig 1Less painful Hamstring Graft
Device Benefits: Fig 2
Device Benefits: Fig 32x BTB-Converter™
Device Benefits: Fig 4
Device Benefits: Fig 5BTB-like Graft
Device Benefits: Fig 6
Device Benefits: Fig 7ACL Reconstruction with BTB Conversion Approach
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We expect that the potential benefits with our BTB-Conversion-Kit™ are:

Less pain*
Shorter operation time
Fewer revisions**

* Pain-related complications for a hamstring graft have been reported to be one third compared to standard BTB grafts. Kautzner, et. al., International Orthopaedics 2014
** Revision rates after 5 years for BTB grafts are 33% lower compared to standard hamstring grafts. Gifstad, et. al., The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2014; Registry study based on 45,998 patients

  About Us

About ZuriMED

ZuriMED is an innovative team specialized in orthopedic biomechanics and biomaterials.

We originated in and are currently based at Balgrist Campus and University Hospital Balgrist – one of the leading Orthopedic clinics in Switzerland.

The ZuriMED team has been inventing and developing orthopedic implants since 2009. We have developed, rigorously tested, and patented three fully featured devices (BTB-Converter™, VariLoop™, ZuriACL™).



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